USF Compliance: Strategies has extensive regulatory compliance for transactions such as M&A and asset sales, state licensing, ROW and other municipal issues


Representation before regulatory agencies: Strategies routinely represents companies before the Federal Communications Commission; the Department of Justice’s Team Telecom; and State Public Utilities Commissions and municipalities throughout the United States.


Licenses and Tariffs: Strategies assists carriers to obtain and maintain required regulatory licenses and tariffs for each carrier’s individual operations.


Compliance Filings: Strategies assists carriers to identify and meet state and federal regulatory compliance filings obligations and response to governmental inquiries, including preparation of periodic reports and filings.


Mergers/Transfer of Control/Asset Transfer: Strategies works closely with buyers and sellers of regulated telecommunications operations to obtain necessary regulatory approvals and meet the regulatory requirements for all manner of regulated transactions. Examples include mergers, acquisitions, sales of material assets, reorganizations, discontinuances of service, pro forma transactions, changes in corporate form, and the issuance of securities and debt.


Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI): Strategies handles CPNI compliance and privacy issues such as constructing internal privacy policies and document retention policies.


Regulatory Tax Issues/Universal Service: Assist in identifying taxes that should be collected and remitted to various federal, state and local agencies. Strategies has also assisted carriers in audits and investigation regarding failure to pay taxes or charges.  


Negotiating/Arbitrating Intercarrier Agreements and Interconnection Agreement: Strategies has negotiated intercarrier agreements including arbitrating and litigating the results of such arbitrations under Section 251 of the Telecommunications Act.


Analyzing Charges and Truth in Billing Issues: Strategies has represented both carriers and large purchasers in reviewing invoices to identify potential discrepancies in the invoices, including whether certain taxes/surcharges should be paid by end users.


Enforcement Issues: Strategies handles a variety of enforcement issues and works closely with regulatory agencies to negotiate settlements for telecommunications enforcement matters.